Credit for housewives.

Take out a loan for housewives

Take out a loan for housewives

Unfortunately, as a housewife you do not have your own income, but can only use that of your partner. But you don’t always want to fall back on it, especially if you want to surprise your partner with something or treat yourself to something. Here you could take out a loan for housewives.

Could, because unfortunately there is no credit for housewives – earlier, when the position of a housewife was even more “natural”, banks also offered a credit for housewives, which could then be paid off with the household money. Today this no longer exists, as housewives pose two risk factors from the perspective of the banks.

One risk factor is the non-existent fixed income and thus the lack of creditworthiness – because even if you have saved a lot and are on the high edge, this is not a security from the bank’s point of view. In addition to assets that can be lent, a bank primarily offers a fixed income as security. The reason for this is quite simple: If the loan cannot be repaid properly and the payment is in arrears, the bank can cancel the loan and carry out a comparatively inexpensive (for the bank) garnishment of wages.

Credit for housewives without private credit checker

Credit for housewives without private credit checker

But in order for wages to be attached, it must also be received – which is not the case with a housewife. Household allowance does not count here as wages because it is not paid in the form of a fixed wage and therefore cannot be attached. In the case of a garnishment of wages, the wages would be seized directly “at the source”, ie at the employer, and from the bank’s point of view is therefore a very safe way of securing the liabilities and claims.

The other risk is that the income is too low – because wages or income can only be seized after a certain minimum limit, the so-called garnishment-free limit. That means that everything below it may not be attached – only if you voluntarily used some of this amount to pay the liabilities, the bank can get some of it, otherwise not. At a Agree bank, you will not receive a loan for housewives because of a lack of creditworthiness, a fixed income and since you are already below the attachment limit.

However, some providers advertise on the Internet that you can also get a loan as a housewife. This is highly dubious, because here it is often promised that a loan from a foreign bank can also provide credit for housewives without private credit checker.

The advertisers often also do not grant loans, but only act as intermediaries for these banks and make dubious promises – mostly in the sense that you should complete an application for a loan for housewives with them and go in advance and then it works beautiful. The following generally applies to credit intermediaries: B. with a loan for housewives, require advance payment, these are dubious. Because a reputable broker makes his commission dependent on the success case and deducts it from the loan amount to be received and not in advance!

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